Top                                                                                          CONSOLE TABLE

In addition to the traditional uses for a console table, these have been purchased to use as writing desks, laptop work stations, and even as a reception desk at a hair salon.

Masurements are approximately 48"W x 20"D x 30"H. Custom sizes are available.

Top                                                                                                    SIDE TABLE

The side tables measure 20" square by 23"-24" high. These have been designed a little taller than some side tables to accomodate the larger, more overstuffed sofas and chairs (custom sizes are available).

Top                                                                                                      CHAIRS

As you can see from the photos, every chair is unique! Each chair is built so that the seat height/size is the same but that is where the uniformity ends. An important feature you cannot see in the photos is the fact that these chairs are comfortable. Firm upholstery foam is used which makes all the difference in the world. The leather is carefully selected and is beautiful in color, soft to the touch, and extremely durable. The chairs pictured are those that are still available and will not be produced again.

The chair seat measures 20" H x 17.5" D x 18.5"W. The footprint of the legs measures approximately 17" x 18". The backs are not as easy to measure - some are 50" tall, some are 42" tall and the width and even the curvature of certain trees add extra dimension. If you would like specific measurements for a specific chair please contact me and I'll be happy to provide more details.

Top                                                                                                     STOOLS

I prefer to call these 'seats' but no one really connects with that name at so we'll go with stools. These are simply the chairs pictured above without backs. They tuck under a console table or nestle into an empty corner and offer extra seating (hence the word 'seat'!) without taking up extra space. They measure 20" high (the foam cushion does smoosh down) and the seat is 17.5" x 18.5". The footprint of the legs measures approximately 17" x 18".

Top                                                                                           CANDLE HOLDERS

Both the tea light candle holders and the branch candelabras are made with hand forged and textured steel so they have a very organic appearance and feel. The inspiration for the tea light design came from my own dining table experience - we desperately needed extra light but had no extra room for several candlesticks when we entertained. The 5 and 7 light holders can be made high enough that your serving plates and bowls can slip under them while you dine. You'll have candlelight, a center piece, and room for food! A family in Washington State has a fairly long dining table and has combined a taller 5 light with two slightly lower 3 light holders so that the candlelight runs the length of their table (I would never have thought of that so thank you to Friends In Washington!).

The branch candelabras have a diameter of approximately 11" across the top portion and stand 12" tall.

The tea light candle holders measure approximately 12", 18", and 22" long, depending on whether you get the 3, 5, or 7 light version, and vary from approximately 4" to 8" high. On each end, the space between the two little legs is 4"-5.5".


Top                                                                                              FLOOR LAMPS

The Floor Lamp is similar to the Table Lamps pictured below but built to floor lamp dimensions up to 80" tall with a base diameter of 12-16". They are very handsome and show off ultra-chic lampshades wonderfully.

Pictures will be posted soon.

Top                                                                                               TABLE LAMPS

This understated lamp has a very organic look and feel yet is quite modern. The base of each is completely unique and the 'stem' or upright is forged and hammered steel which has all been sanded and finished to be buttery smooth. Pictured here are bedside lamps which are 12" tall (does not include the socket, just the lamp base) and the base is 7.5" in diameter. Side table lamps measure 14" tall with a base of 9.5" in diameter.

These lamps have several options for the switch; a thumb switch on the electrical cord, a pull chain, a twist on/off on-the-socket, or a push button on-the-socket. Only the twist or pull chain have the option for a 3-way bulb. These lamps do not come with shades but I do include a lamp harp (it may or may not be the correct size depending upon your choice of lampshade).

Top                                                                                                  COAT TREE

These are a brand new item along with the mirrors (below). I was truly tickled when the first of these was completed because functional + beauty has always been a driving force when a new design begins to take shape. Once again, the idea of the tree coming up out of the earth is represented with the organic look of the base. All the layers of steel plate combined to provide a very heavy, very stable base. The trunk is forged and hammered to created the bark look along with the texture of the branches. You can place a hat on the top leaves and hang a purse, pack,or even a shorter jacket down on the lower small nubby branches. The measurements for the coat tree are 71" tall and the diameter of the base is 14"-15".

Pictures will be posted soon.

Top                                                                                                    MIRRORS

The mirrors can be made to any size. The one pictured here is approximately 12"W x 12"H. The frame is made from steel that is formed to provide an organic and rugged look.

Top                                                                                                HOOK RACKS

Everyone needs a place to hang their hat and these are just the ticket. Each hook is hand pounded, welded, and formed as an individual branch extending from the solid oak base. Each rack comes with its own mounting screws. Mounting holes are pre-drilled. Please specify 3, 4, or 5 hooks (24, 30, and 36", respectively).


These tables and chairs begin with legs of Ips beetle (bark beetle) stressed Pinon pine. Each table leg and chair leg/back is made from the trunk of the tree, not a branch, so they are extremely strong. They are sanded and sealed to a silky smooth finish. The tops are made of polished, 1/4" plate stee. All surfaces and edges are sanded and then ground and finished to seal. There are no rough spots whatsoever. My goal is for the finished piece to have no places that might 'catch' a piece of delicate fabric if anyone were to lean against or simply brush by one of the pieces.

The steel branch-shaped leg supports are hand forged which leaves the metal surface looking like bark. Each hammer mark you see on all of my work is done by me with my forge, anvil, and hammer and is not 'stamped' or imprinted. Because each piece of wood is unique, the legs and chair backs dictate how the steel branches will be made and fit. All steel parts and surfaces are sealed to protect them.

All tables, lamps, mirrors, and coat trees (and even the tea light candleholders to a degree) can be customized to fit your space or needs. When considering the measurements in the descriptions please be aware that they are approximate - each item is individually produced and has its own 'personality'.

None of my work is intended for outdoor use.


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